Question to the expert: “I do not like to listen to audiobooks”

Question to the expert: “I do not like to listen to audiobooks”

Why every evening the child asks to read the same fairy tale for him? And when you offer him something new, he refuses? The psychologist Anna Skavitina answers.

“I really like to listen to children’s fairy tales on disks, which I know by heart. And my parents make me listen to long audiobooks. There everyone reads in one voice, but I don’t like it!”

Anna Skavitina, Children’s Analyst:

“Small children adore when adults read the same fairy tales to them, pronounce everything the same and the same words. They look at the same pictures, listen to the same music – it soothes them. And adults, when they hear something familiar, understandable, feel that the world is in its place. From this feeling it also becomes calm. Lenya, although you are no longer small, but when you stay at home and at the same time something worries you, you also want to calm down. And then you use a very good way you are used to, you listen to familiar fairy tales on the disk. When you listen to a radio show where several votes sound, you have a feeling that you are not alone, but with other people. And if at such moments you listen to an audiobook, there is a feeling of monotony, as if there is some kind of robot next to you. And it may seem that you are left alone with yourself.

And you also know the saying – “Fairy Tale, but in it a hint is a lesson for good fellows”? We listen to our favorite stories not only because they reassure us. But even in order to try to find an answer for myself https://meekoanalytics.com/aviator-prediction-engana-apk-preveja-o-software-de-instalacao-do-aviador/ – should I act like the heroes of a fairy tale, or I would have acted differently? Do I have to observe these rules in my life? So you listen to these fairy tales and in order to understand what choice, what to do correctly. It seems that this is exactly what you need now. So tell mom: “Now I need just that. But someday I will listen to everything else “. And I hope mom will hear you “.

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